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Factory Address:14,Building Rentian Industrial Zone,Fuyong Town,BaoAn District,ShenZhen City,China

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used for IC functional test and analysis . Made with imported POGO PIN probe , customized products .we customize IC test , IC test and burn -in Socket with various functions and capsulations in line with your demands
BGA Test
QFN Test
LGA Test
Automatic machine
The tiptronic Test
Connector Test

Used for IC test and IC application aging test ,high precision molding .Possessing the feature of long service life,can be used in the various situation of extreme high and low temperature in which the service condition of IC of when it is used in different work environment can be tested
BGA Burn-in
QFN Burn-in
QFP Burn-in
LGA Burn-in
Protective seat
SOP Burn-in
TSOP Burn-in
Other Burn-in

IC test tool
Suitable for IC test of various Feature Boards ,according to the provided PCBA and the machine fixed test base complete corresponding IC function
All kinds of the motherboard IC test fixture
SENSOR test tool
IC signal analysis fixture
Other IC Test Fixture

FPC test fixture
With the location mode in line with the trait of FPC specially ,make the test be convenient and speedy ,usage of the structure of POGO PIN probe cuts the maintenance cost in the later period? and improves its working life
 Touch screen
 Camera module
 FPC Functional Modules

Storage test solution.
The storage chips with various capsulations are made into standard TSOP48 interface test base ,we can customize relevant test base in accordance with any connectors ,as to mass production .can be offered 1 tray with ect TF/UDP test fixture
Memory particle test fixture
U disk-based test fixture
Wafer prober
UDP / TF test solutions

BGA rework / ball
BGA reballing ,test,devanning pallet charge ,degum ,direct Chip Attach , high quality ESD environment reassure customers
 For BGA ball
 BGA bumping Tools
 IC test
 BGA Rework supplies
For all the IC Test & Burn-In sockets of BGA/QFN with different spacing dimensions, exist goods in stock ,the fast leadtime for ICSOCKET which exists all the specifications is one day .any type of IC Test & Burn-In sockets can be customized ,the leadtime will be one and half month
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